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Banking Law

Members of this firm have experience in representing many local and foreign banks before the courts of Bangladesh. They have extensive experience in advising many banks and drafting security documents including completed loan agreement between many international financial bodies, paripassu loan agreements, and other legal instruments.


We have substantial experience in drafting pleadings on the disputes regarding payment of letter of credit and contesting the case in lower and higher courts in relation to claim under letter of credit. We have been advising many local importers, Banks and foreign freight forwarder companies in L/C disputes under UCPDC 500 and 600.


We have advised and represented many local and foreign companies on our Arbitration Act 2001, ICC Arbitration Rules, UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and SIAC Arbitration Rules.

 We have advises on a wide range of arbitration issues, including arbitration clauses and submission agreements, choice of forum and rules of arbitration, enforceability of awards and the role of national courts during arbitration proceedings. The firm has been involved in litigation for enforcing arbitration awards, staying court proceedings initiated in violation of arbitration clauses and obtaining interim relief in support of pending arbitration proceedings.

Administrative and Constitutional Law

We have extensive experience in representing government organizations, corporations, their employees, companies and private individuals on Administrative and Constitutional law and the enforcement of fundamental rights.

We have successful track record in challenging the actions of administrative and regulatory authorities and enforcement of government contracts in constitutional petitions. We also have extensive experience in judicial review of administrative decisions concerning assessment and payment of customs duty and VAT.

We have been involved in many proceedings for the enforcement of fundamental rights, including the rights to life and liberty, equality and equal protection of the law, safeguards on arrest, fair trial, freedom of expression, association, movement and religion and the right to property.


We have vast experience in Telecommunication law and provide a full range of professional legal services to the licensed International Gate Way (IGW), International Terrestrial Cable (ITC), International Internet Gateway (IIG), Inter Connection Exchange (ICX) and Co-location and Data Center service providers in Bangladesh.

We provide regulatory advices to our clients and act as retainer for many domestic and foreign IGW, ITC and ICX service providers in telecommunication sectors. We have been drafting International Telecommunications Services Agreements, Agreement for Support Services for Telecommunication Hardware and Software andInternational Commercial Agreements with telecommunication service providers and vendors throughout the world.

We have advised a multinational telecommunication company regarding Bangladesh telecommunication laws and relevant procedure in obtaining license from the Ministry of Information and Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). We have assisted a mobile phone operator company in obtaining GSM telecommunication license from BTRC. We have also advised television companies in Bangladesh on telecommunication laws and regulatory compliance.

Income Tax

Our Income Tax experts have been providing legal assistances to many companies and private individuals in submitting their annual income tax returns to the National Board of Review (NBR). They also represent our clients before the Deputy Commissioners of Taxes and the Tax Appellate Tribunals against incorrect assessment of income tax by NBR. We provide regular advice to our clients on income tax issues. We also have experience in drafting, filing and conducting Income Tax Reference Applications before High Court Division against the incorrect assessment orders of Tax Appellate Tribunals.

Foreign Investment

We have experience in providing legal assistance to various foreign companies in setting up subsidiary companies and liaison offices in Bangladesh. We have advised and assisted foreigners in setting up a 100% export oriented industries in Bangladesh. We have also assisted foreign companies to obtain registration with the Board of Investment, and obtaining relevant permissions, certificates, approvals to import capital machineries and raw materials and export finished goods.

Employment Law

We have expertise in employment law and provide a full range of professional legal services, including advisory work, drafting and litigation. We have drafted an Employment Manual with detailed advice on Bangladesh Labour Law for aforeign company intending to establish a presence in Bangladesh. We have also drafted Provident Fund Rules, Welfare Fund Rules, Leave Policy and Loan Policy for several companies having large number of employees. We have also been involved in litigations in employment disputes and represented huge number of government employees in High Court Divisions on their service matters. We provided diverse range of legal services on employment law issues to our clients including negotiating & resolving a widely reported labor dispute for a reputed daily newspaper with its trade union.

Power Purchase

Member of the firm has represented government bodies while negotiating a power purchase deal with a multi-national company. We have acted as legal advisors for companies to bid for license for independent power producing (‘IPP’) plants on Build-Own-Operate basis. We have also advised local and foreign companies for Joint Venture Consortium Agreement to set up power plant in Bangladesh. We offer commercial and regulatory advice, negotiate and draft power purchase and sale contracts, independent power generation project implementation agreements and other energy related agreements.

Non Governmental Organizations (NGO)

We have advised a worldwide non-profit making organization based in USA on the registration requirements to act as an NGO in Bangladesh to provide support for implementation of the SPS Project of USAID and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Bangladesh Government.

We have also experience in providing necessary legal assistance in formation of a No-Profit Organization in the form of Trust, cooperative, Company, Club, Society, Foundation etc. according to the Client’s needs.

International Criminal Law and International Humanitarian Law

We have extensive experience on International Criminal Law and International Humanitarian Law. We have been representing several accused before the International Crimes Tribunal, Dhaka defending charges of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide. We are also representing the convicted persons of Crime Against Humanity before the Appellate Division.

We have been advising our clients on the issues of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), International Criminal Court (ICC), and Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).